First job: What to do / What not to do

My aunt always told me to live within your means and I just got it! So here are a few tips I think you should know to live off a set salary! 1) Clear all Your Debts! Get them done and over with, you never truly have money until your debts are paid and you [...]

Kingston Craft Market: Vlog

Many youths are gravitating towards craft and culture, the vendors felt the move, while it is also aimed at boosting the presence of the facility, would also help to preserve the culture to pass it on to the youth who will be the adults of tomorrow! There are loads of unique items one can find [...]


Curiosity. Great entrepreneurs are tasked to discover new problems, reveal potential niche opportunities, refactor their original business process, and innovate. This is contingent on being passionate about different fields of study and business cases outside of one’s comfort zone.

Naki Depass : Jamaican Model

Naki's soft gaze and high cheekbones landed her a runway resume that could only be described as impeccable. With exclusives and semi-exclusives for Burberry, Givenchy, Prada and Celine this Jamaican's catwalk cred is flawless. Naki Depass is no IG Model! real life baby, Naki had always been and still remains a calm pleasing soul [...]

This is the first step to Becoming an Entrepreneur : By Robert Kiyosaki

A few years back my wife, Kim, and I took high-performance driving lessons. We were learning to drive at speeds near 200 mph. It was exciting, but it was terrifying. Every time I would round a corner I would take my foot off the gas and slow down. My instructor would tell me to speed [...]

KingstOOn: Animating Creativity

Marketing yourself based off your culture interestingly will peak a fruitful amount of interest. Have you ever been to a foreign country and your accent draws the attention of the people around? I believe it's the same with marketing, differences attract. Your everyday lifestyle and experiences are not necessarily the same as another person's country, [...]